In June 2016, two of the founders were on a motorcycle ride, when one of them went off the road. Fortunately, he got away with no major injuries. Not all motorcyclists have that chance, a few days after this incident, a motorcyclist was found dead after suffering from injuries for few hours of the accident. The road has witnessed a lot of similar unfortunate stories. The founders realized the need for a timely and prompt action in such situation, this is when the idea of creating an automated accident management system sparked. Equipped with technological knowledge and determination, the founders put a team together and started realizing this idea into a device. A year later, the device they invented won the Coup de Coeur award in École de Technologie Supérieur de Montreal (ÉTS Engineering for Industry) and RideMetry Technologies was born. Today, RideMetry is part of the Centech Business Incubator Propulsion Program.


RideMetry has invented and developed a device that will revolutionize the emergency intervention system, and save lives in case of accidents. The goal was to design a stand-alone accident management system that, among other things, acts as an anti-theft system.

Our efforts were primarily focused on the recreational vehicles, as they represent the highest level of accident risk. We are also addressing the needs for road vehicles in general. The acquired expertise will allow us to soon extend our operations to cover all maritime vessel and airplanes.

With the data collected by our module, placed permanently in the vehicle and our mobile application, we have virtually an infinite number of applications that can be added to the existing services. By working closely with our customers, it will be possible to offer them a multitude of services adapted to their needs