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Testers for you, to challenge the product, for launch in 2018!

At Ridemetry, the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. This is why they undergo a very strict quality control protocol. In addition, we compare our products to full-scale test phases in order to expose them to a greater quantity and variety of real situations.

We are looking for highly motivated people who want to participate in this experience and live it 100%. Driver Users are more than just users: they are ambassadors. They will represent the success of the project, but also the identity of the product. So they have the chance to get the module at a very special price. Also, they receive updates throughout the development. They will be privileged users who will have lifetime benefits on our future RideMetry product lines.

If you want to be part of the adventure, you need to create your Beta-tester so we know more about you. If you are retained, we will contact you for payment terms and user guarantees. Do not waste time, places are limited. Click on the button below.

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